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Volkswagen announced in a statement that the production at Autoeuropa will resume in the last week of April.

Production at Autoeuropa will resume in the last week of April, after being suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Volkswagen announced in a statement in which it sets the recovery dates for the various plants.


In a press release, the car manufacturer said that the first factories dedicated to the production of passenger cars to resume production will be those in Zwickau, Germany, and Bratislava, Slovakia, as of Monday.


“Other factories in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Russia and the United States will resume production” in the last week of April, says Volkswagen.


Later, during the month of May, production will also resume in the plants in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

According to the press release, production will resume in line with the availability of parts, government requirements and the development of sales markets, among other issues.


VW also stresses that the resumption of production will always have as “the main priority” compliance with “workers’ health protection measures”.


The majority of Volkswagen’s plants in China have already resumed production, as has the components division of the company.


Volkswagen decided to suspend production at Autoeuropa’s car plant in Palmela, Setúbal district, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic on March 17th, but the company had already stopped since the previous day, as many workers were forced to miss work to stay with their children due to school closures.


Autoeuropa, which had initially announced the suspension of production until March 29th, extended this deadline until April 12th, having announced on the 8th the intention to resume production gradually from the 20th.


The company, the largest automobile factory in the country, has more than five thousand workers.