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The electric company has signed a contract with the Dutch multinational Royal DSM for the sale of electricity to be produced in Spain.

EDP Renováveis (EDPR) has signed a contract with Royal DSM for the sale of electricity to be produced in Spain at a wind farm and two 59 megawatt photovoltaic plants.


In a report sent to the Lisbon Stock Exchange Commission, EDPR reveals that the production of green energy will avoid the emission of 45 kilotonnes (kt, 1,000 tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.


The Las Herrerías wind farm (Zaragoza) will produce 16 MW and the photovoltaic plants, to be installed in 2022/2023, at Acampo Arpal (Zaragoza) and Senora de la Oliva (Cadiz), will produce the remaining 43 MW.


With this new contract, EDPR has already guaranteed projects to sell 148 MW of energy in Spain, to be installed between 2020 and 2023.


This contract “reflects our commitment to constantly seek business agreements with industry leaders and is an opportunity to increase our portfolio of ongoing projects in a key market for us,” said the CEO of EDPR, João Manso Neto, in a statement distributed in Madrid.


In the same press release, DSM’s Vice President of Sustainable Purchasing, Harry Coorens, said the commitment means “the largest agreement signed to date by DSM and represents more than 30 percent” of its total volume of electricity purchased in Europe.


“This is another example of how we are actively seeking partnerships that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the goal of a world with a reduced carbon footprint for all,” added Harry Coorens.


EDPR is a subsidiary of the Energias de Portugal Group (EDP Group), which operates in the renewable energy sector, and has its headquarters in Madrid.


Royal DSM is a Dutch multinational science company specialising in nutrition, health and sustainable lifestyle.