Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Greenapple designs and produces luxury furniture and bespoke projects for exclusive customers in Europe, Asia and North-America.

With their design and production unit in Portugal, Greenapple reach worldwide to customers in Europe, Asia and North-America markets. This unit source their wood, stone, design, make, dedication and distribute the entire Greenapple’s product range.


Seasonally, present unique collections with a variety of product typologies. At present, Greenapple has two collections designed for two different markets: The Perfect Raw collection, most recent one and aligned with the European and American markets and showing a very positive feedback in all markets nonetheless; And The Grand collection, more in line with the Asian and Middle Eastern taste.


In the last few years the export turnover has been consistently growing, and 2019 is the year of consolidation for Greenapple as an international high-end furniture brand, with export estimates reaching figures around 80 percent of the total turnover. The outlook for 2020 and subsequent years is for this ratio to continue.