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Hosting our talents will make a difference

INOV Contacto is an international internships program promoted by AICEP, Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency that provides highly qualified and motivated interns to support the internationalization of your company, helping you going further into the global market.


Formar talento Português

6 months internships

Apoiar a Internacionalização das Empresas

Highly qualified & motivated human capital

Promover a imagem de Portugal no mundo

Cost free

Take your business further

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The interns:


    Up to 29 years old

    Degree in Management, Marketing, Engineering, ICT/High Tech, Tourism

    Architecture, Design, Human Resources, Law, Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Agriculture, among many others.

    Fluency in english

    And other languages like Spanish, French or Mandarin.

    Motivated to live abroad

    And to put into practice their talent and knowledge.

What we look for in a host entity


Solid internship plan

Beneficial for both the entity and the intern.

Ability to monitor and evaluate the intern

Trainee integration in the local team, with a local internship coordinator.

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Conditions for host entities’ admission

Estágio em Portugal

Contribution for the intern's qualification and professional development.

Estágio no Estrangeiro

Clearly defined internationalization strategy.

Seminário de Encerramento e Apoio à Integração

Availability to integrate the trainee post internship.

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Entities that work with us and took their business further

What they say about us

Estágio em Portugal

LIG Biowise is very satisfied with the program and found it mutually beneficial both, for intern and the company. The main advantage for LIG Biowise is a provision of skilled intern specifically for involvement in the research work, which provide quality data and results for future development and optimisation. Well organised and efficient program beneficial for the interns and providers with perfectly matching the intern's skills and provider's requirements. 6-months period is sufficient for the company to provide necessary training and for the intern to have significant impact on R&D work.

Irina Barbolina

LIG Biowise Ltd.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Estágio em Portugal

The Program’s particular usefulness and success comes from the combination of offering young professionals an international experience in a safe environment, while at the same time exposing institutions to the particular skills and assets of Portuguese youth. A great aspect of the program is the excellent selection process and preliminary preparation of the interns. The World Bank has participated in several editions of the Program and the interns were always prepared and demonstrated high level fitting in the organization. We greatly appreciate the value of INOV Contacto program.

Max Thabiso Edkins

World Bank Group

Washington DC, USA

Estágio em Portugal

It is very important for our studio to have the chance to involve intern for 6/9 months. The intern can follow the project from concept to development and the studio can understand better intern capacity. It is a real work experience for the intern. It is a good contribute for the studio and it is easier to understand intern skills.

Lorenzo de Bartolomeis

Lorenzo de Bartolomeis Design

Milan, Italy

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Our track record of 22 years speaks for itself

More than 5600 internships More than 80 countries More than 1200 entities 70% employability rate 98% entity satisfaction rate

Good Practice ESF (2013)

EU Creative Industries (2010)

Case Study OECD 2008 (2008)

DG Enterprises Business and Industry (EC) - Supporting the Internationalization of SME’S (2007)

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